Tuesday, June 17

Before and After

Thank you Joe, John, and Richard!!!

These three deserve a real pat on the back, moving 4 rooms of furniture in 90 degree weather and assembling the bunk beds from hell!  None of this would have been possible today without you guys!

Last Redesign for the Summer of 2014

Today, with much help from our movers John and Joe, and our student helper, the wonderful Richard Rolfe, Project Redesign furnished a living room and three bedrooms for a hard working mother of 5 children (one girl, four boys).  Not all went as expected...we did not have the dowels to stack the bunk beds in one of the boy' rooms so yes, the beds are side by side and blocking doorways until we can locate the missing pieces!

Tuesday, June 10

Before and After

With your cash donations, we are able to purchase new mattresses and essential bedding (mattress pads, pillows, sheets, etc), lamps, rugs, curtains, window unit air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, chest of drawers, and other necessities.  We use In Kind donations of furniture and household goods but never have everything we need to complete a redesign.  We thank you for ALL donations!

Summer Redesign for new Cayce Family

A big thank you to Kay Kimbro, Jane Claire Kimbro, and Richard Rolfe for helping with this big redesign today.  And we beat the rain!  A mother and her 3 children, a boy age 4 and two girls 11 and 13---they are new to the Cayce Homes and it was our pleasure to make their new house a welcoming home.

Thursday, June 5

Air Conditioners Donated to MOB

Our second year of the "Keeping Kool" program...20 window unit air conditioners donated to the Martha O'Bryan Center to be distributed to residents of the Cayce Homes.  Thank you to all who give cash donations to Project Redesign, making these programs possible.

Wednesday, June 4

Donation from Pembroke Antiques

A grateful thank you to Laura Doolittle, owner of Pembroke Antiques, for her donation of brand new Pine Cone Hill bedding.  We appreciate your continued support!

Wednesday, May 21

We Love Your Feedback!

Thank YOU for this wonderful card...

Cayce Redesign

Today we furnished a Cayce apartment for a mother of 3 young boys, a baby girl due in August.  She is a bright, beautiful young woman and Project Redesign wishes her everything good for the future (she reads our blog:).

Wednesday, April 23

Project Redesign Honored at Mary Catherine Strobel Volunteer Luncheon

April 22, 2014

Project Redesign was a nominee in the Civic Group Award at the Mary Catherine Strobel Awards Luncheon hosted by Hands on Nashville.  What an honor to be listed among so many worthy non-profits!  Thank you to Tanya Gray and Adrianna Flax from the Martha O'Byan Center for nominating PR. 


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